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South Burlington, a city in Vermont, is considering increasing its sales, meals, and rooms tax to generate more funds. The proposal for tax increase came on 17th December 2018 after the city council held a public forum on the same. The proposal was presented by City Manager Kevin Dorn who explained that the tax increase was necessary to fund critical projects in the city.

The proposed tax increase would affect sales tax on purchases, meals tax on prepared foods and beverages, as well as the rooms tax in the city. South Burlington has a 1% sales tax, 1% meals tax, and a 3% rooms tax, but the proposal could increase the taxes to as high as 2%, 2%, and up to 5% respectively. The city plans to use the additional funds generated from taxes to fund various projects such as the construction of a new senior center and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

The proposed changes have caused a stir among the community, with various residents sharing their opinions on the move through online forums and public hearings. While some residents are supportive of the tax increase as they believe the projects are necessary for the city, others are opposed to the move, arguing that it will place an additional burden on their finances during tough economic times.

The City Council, which has the final say on the proposed changes, is yet to make a final decision on the matter. They are currently consulting with various stakeholders and seeking feedback from the community before making a ruling.

South Burlington's proposal to increase the sales, meals, and rooms tax is a necessary measure to fund various infrastructure and amenities projects within the city. While the move has been met with mixed reactions, the City Council is carefully weighing the pros and cons before making a final decision on the matter.

South Burlington Public Library Vt

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