Sample Letter For Sending Resume Via Email

Hey there fellow job seekers! Are you tired of sending boring and dull emails with your resume attached? Well, worry no more! Take a look at this hilarious email cover letter sample we found that will surely catch the attention of any employer.

First off, let's talk about the picture attached to this email. If you're wondering what the heck it is, don't worry, we are too. Is it a bird? A plane? Who knows! But what we do know is that it will definitely make your email stand out among the sea of other job applicants. And who knows, maybe the hiring manager will get a good laugh and decide to give you a shot!

But it's not just about the picture, folks. The witty title "Sample Email With Resume Attached - Good Resume Examples" is just the cherry on top. It's not everyday you see someone confidently claim that their resume is an example of "good resume." We love the confidence!

Overall, if you're looking to spice up your job search and make yourself memorable, this email cover letter sample is the way to go. Bonus points if you actually attach a bizarre picture alongside your application. Good luck out there!

Sample letter for sending resume via email

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