Making A Eulogy Speech

Have you ever stumbled upon a tribute that took your breath away? That's what happened when I came across a beautiful eulogy example online. The image that caught my eye was a stunning picture of a young black woman, her eyes full of life and joy.

But the title of the post, "Pin on Eulogy Examples," made me pause. Who creates a Pinterest board of eulogy examples? Was it some kind of macabre fascination? Was there a darker reason behind it?

As I scrolled through the image and read the eulogy that accompanied it, my mind was put at ease. This wasn't a board celebrating death, but rather a collection of heartfelt tributes to loved ones who had passed away.

As I read through the emotional testimonials and saw the beautiful pictures accompanying each one, I was struck by the power of words. With just a few well-chosen sentences, these eulogies celebrated the beauty and grace of black life, even in the face of such sorrow and loss.

As a black person myself, it touched my heart to see that in death, our people are just as vibrant and full of life as we are in life itself. It's a testament to the resilience and strength that we as a community possess.

And while I may never have to write a eulogy myself, seeing the examples online has inspired me to lead a life worthy of such tributes. To live a life full of joy, love, and purpose, so that when my time comes, my eulogy will be just as beautiful as the ones I've seen online.

So here's to all the black lives that have passed on, and to all those who continue to inspire us with their strength and resilience. Your legacies will live on, forever enshrined in the power of words and the beauty of memory.

Making a eulogy speech

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